About Us

Welcome to Northern Fury Coffee.

Northern Fury Coffee is founded on the aspirational messages of individualism and liberty. We celebrate the spirit of freedom, we love the idea of human progress and we believe in the creativity of the individual.

What does that have to do with coffee? Surprisingly a lot:
  • Coffee used to be a luxury drink reserved only for the rich and royals when it was introduced in Europe in the 16th century, but thanks to human ingenuity and entrepreneurship over the centuries the drink has become available for all of us to enjoy at a reasonable price. That's exactly the kind of progress we love.
  • When coffee started to spread to the wider society in the 18th century it was viewed with suspicion by the authorities and the establishment of coffee houses was heavily regulated. But luckily the winds of free commerce took hold and creative business people kicked off the boom in the kind of coffee shops that we love when we visit cities like Vienna and Paris today.
  • These private coffee houses became centers for the free exchange of ideas and opinions, outside of the censorship from a totalitarian state. Many revolutions including the French and the American are said to have had their origins in cafes. It might sound romantic but a conversation over coffee can be a starting point for expanding freedom and helping people rise up.
Like many others we drink coffee every day but we struggled to find a brand that adhered to our taste, expectations and values. So here's what we defined as our three principles for providing coffee lovers like ourselves with the best product:
  • We believe that the freedom to choose good coffee is an inalienable right
  • We believe everyone should be allowed to pursue their own happiness and drink excellent coffee
  • We believe that it is self-evident that not all coffee is created equal

The brand name is inspired by the beauty of the North where we come from: Its landscapes, its arts, its mythologies and its history. We take our name from a prayer that Celtic monks recited during the era of the viking raids in Europe from the 700th century and on: “From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord deliver us.”

Because we can get angry like a Norseman sometimes -- when we are told what to think or say for example, but especially when we are served bad coffee.

Write to us on awake@northernfurycoffee.com to learn more.